Attorney Testimonials

Our office has referred clients to BACIE for quite some time and we have always been impressed with their work. BACIE goes to great lengths to provide the highest quality services. They really do go the extra mile - always professional, kind, and prompt with follow up and communication. They generate very thorough reports in a timely manner and we exclusively recommend them for all our evaluation needs. I recommend BACIE to all of my colleagues and clients. They simply are the best.
— Jason Mustard, Esq. (Albany, CA) 6/19/18

Ellie’s team at BACIE prepared a very thorough and timely evaluation for my client, who needed a psychological evaluation for a U Visa case. My client also reported to me that the she felt safe with the evaluator, which had been my number one concern. As an attorney, I’ve worked with many different psychologists and therapists over the past decade, and the evaluation I received from BACIE was superior to many others I have read over my career. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using their services again.
— Prerna Lal, Esq. (Berkeley, CA) 5/24/18

Kind words from Clients

Clients often report to us that they feel nervous about coming to a psychological evaluation. One recent client found that "it was the best experience ever".  Another client remarked, with surprise, that the contact with the clinician "...actually made me feel better about myself." 

Others, in Spanish, have noted that the evaluation process was "excelente de principio al fin," "muy profesional,"  and "100% recomendado."  One client expressed their gratitude, "Quiero darle las gracias por su amabilidad hacia mi persona."