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A Mental Health or Psychological Evaluation is a valuable piece of evidence.
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Bay Area Center for Immigration Evaluations provides downloadable bilingual (English/Spanish) Referral Sheets - specific to the visa or waiver for which your client is applying. These can be printed and given directly to your clients; they include all the information your client needs to know about what to expect from the evaluation and how to call to schedule an appointment.

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Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings at this time; if you suspect your client's situation will require this, we would be happy to provide you with local referrals.


trauma evaluations (u visa, T Visa, Asylym, & VAWA Petitions)

Our Trauma Evaluations take a deep look into the impact that the trauma in question has had on a client's overall mental health as well as their functioning. The report clearly differentiates the client's mental state pre- and post-trauma and includes clinical diagnoses.

Many clients have a long, intense history of trauma. At BACIE, we deeply understand the complexity of chronic exposure to stress and have the skills to assess the cumulative psychological impact over time as well as the changes related to discrete incidents within a larger story. 

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Hardship Evaluations (i-601 & i-601a waivers)

Our Hardship Evaluations are both broad and deep, assessing the diverse ways one may be impacted by a loved one's inadmissability.

Multiple areas of life are explored and assessed: Health, Mental Health, Work & Finances, Education, Personal Considerations, and Special Factors, among others. Each of these areas of potential hardship is assessed from both 1) the perspective of the resident/citizen remaining in the US without their spouse or family member and 2) the perspective of the resident/citizen leaving the US with their spouse or family member.

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